How to count the carbs in your meals

Counting the Carbs

On a Ketogenic WOE, we are not focused on counting calories but rather we count the CARBS. To stay in ketosis and gain all the benefits associated with a ketogenic diet, you need to stay under 20gms of carbs daily. One question I get a lot is : How do I count the carbs? Now this post will address this and I hope at the end, you will be a pro at counting the carbs in your meals. First what do we mean when we say 'Count the carbs". Carb counting is the process of calculating the amount of carbohydrate consumed in our meals. If you are diabetic, foods that contain high carbs have the greatest effect on your blood glucose compared to foods that contain protein or fat. So to get off that insulin and other diabetic meds, you need to eat food that will not raise your blood glucose levels which is why a ketogenic diet is perfect for you. Same with Obese people, High carbs will most definitely trigger an insulin response. Now Insulin is known as the fat -storing hormone which is why when your eat high carbs and insulin is released into your system, you CANNOT lose weight. So now you see the reason for counting the carbs? Now how do we count the carbs? First you need to learn how to read the Nutritional Facts on Food labels. For instance from the pictured attached on this post, you can see two products- Silk Almond milk original and Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened. Nutritional Information for Original shows for 1cup(240ml) you get- Total Carbs:8gms, Sugars:7gm While Nutritional Information on Unsweetened shows 1cup(240ml) you get- Total carbs less than 1gms and Sugars 0gms Now which do you think is more compliant? Remember you have 20gms carbs alloted for the day. Having a cup of the unsweetened variety will help you stay on track as against consuming 8gms carbs in a single cup of almond milk. Now at this point I need you to note it says 1cup so YOU NEED YOUR MEASURING CUPS Okay so what about foods that dont come packaged with their nutritional info written on the packaging? Say foods like your veggies- cucumber, cabbage, eggs, meat etc. how do you calculate the carbs? This is where you need to use your google. Google is your best friend I tell you...use it to your advantage. So lets say I want to eat 2 boiled eggs and cucumber plus a table spoon of mayo and a piece of fried chicken. YOU NEED YOUR WEIGHING SCALE. I just type carbs in 2 boiled eggs into my google search browser. I got 1.2gms carbs for the cucumber, I usually stick to 100gms (weigh with ur scale) or 1cup (Chop it up into your cup). so I type that in my browser too... My fitnesspal says 1 cup Cucumber is 3gms carbs…/calories/cucumber-peeled-raw-… while 100gms cucumber is 2gms…/generic-cucumber-100g-39609301 so I decide to go with 100gms cucumber which plus my 2 boiled eggs is 3.2gms. For my piece of chicken, I use the scale again to weigh 100gms chicken and type again into my google browser "carbs in 100gm fried chicken" . I got 0gms carbs from…/chicken-fried-no-coating-skin-e… I check the nutritional facts on my Hellmans Mayonnaise jar and it says 0gms carbs for a tablespoon. By now I have an idea of how many grams of carbs i am having in this meal of 2 boiled eggs, 100gms fried chicken and 100gms cucumber plus a spoon of mayo...about 3.2gms carbs Now this is a very compliant meal as it still leaves me with 16.8gms for the rest of the day! The great thing is this meal is very filling and I may not have any food again till dinner time. So lets talk about Ingredients list. You need to also check out the ingredient list when reading food labels. A product may be low in carbs but uncompliant due to ingredients used. Always remember that the ingredient that is listed first is usually the highest in the product so a food product that starts with Sugar as first ingredient or High fructose Corn Syrup is not compliant...pls flee. Some products also have deceptive packaging which is why you need to read the ingredients list as well as the Nutritional Info. An example is this product- AMERICAN GARDEN MAYO Nutritional info says 0gms carbs but ingredient info shows High fructose corn syrup which is another name fro sugar, so how can they claim zero carbs? Now I am going to leave you with something to do. Just drop your answers in the comment box Complete the following chart to test your understanding: Use your google. 2 slices bread = ______grams of carbohydrates 1 whole banana (9" size) = ______grams of carbohydrates 100gms cabbage sliced = ______grams of carbohydrates 1 cup oatmeal with 1 cup milk = ______grams of carbohydrates 2 tablespoons coconut oil = ______grams of carbohydrates Keto on Naija!