keto Its a food revolution

Its a food revolution

We use the term "Ketogenic Liefestyle' not 'Ketogenic diet' because this is a lifestyle not a diet. Where “dieting” can many times mean restriction of healthy foods and the use of synthetic alternatives to fat as the method of weight loss. On this WOE, we focus on eating more of healthy, natural and real foods and less processed foods that will help to restore our health and strengthen our bodies so as to live longer without Illness. Always Remember this : THE FOOD YOU EAT CAN EITHER BE THE MEDICINE THAT HEALS YOU OR THE POISON THAT KILLS YOU. I was talking with someone recently about how before I started 'Keto' I used to take malaria drugs monthly as i was always down with Malaria. My Doctor explained it away then as a result of my blood group But since Keto...I have only taken Malaria pills what was that about my blood group? Also here we do not focus on counting Calories as eating a Ketogenic Diet keeps hunger and cravings at tend to eat less Instead on focusing on The calorie content of food, we are more concerned about the carb content and the ingredients in that food. It is a Food revolution guys and I am happy Nigerians are catching on... Healthy, nourishing, delicious eating is now the “in thing”. We are realizing that we have been doing it wrong all these years...harming ourselves with the food we were eating. Soon we will force Supermarkets and Grocery sellers to offer low carb alternatives on their shelves and Fast Food Restaurants will need to re-strategize and start offering Keto-compliant meals on their menu. This is where we are heading. PS: How many people have you invited to this group since you joined? No be only you waka come ooo...oya add your friends...they need to hear this... Keto-On Naija!