Keto Coffee Mix- Sugar Free- 200gms

Keto Coffee Mix- Sugar Free- 200gms


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Introducing the Ketonaija Keto Coffee.
Sugar-free instant coffee mix that is delicious, creamy and sweetened. Just add water for a convenient, functional and remarkably delicious coffee beverage that supports your ketogenic diet.

  • Our Keto Coffee Mix is made from Coconut Creamer, Decaffeinated Coffee, Stevia and Erythritol. A cup of this Keto Coffee provides you with sustainable energy, focus and a metabolic boost . It’s perfect for starting your day or helping to kick you into high gear when you need it.

  • VERY CONVENIENT. Our Keto Coffee is great on the move and can help replace using a blender and multiple ingredients for a fat-fueled coffee. Simply add hot water and start powering your day with the benefits of MCTs.

  • KETO AND PALEO FRIENDLY: Our Keto Coffee is Sugar free, Gluten-Free, great for diabetics and contains no artificial ingredients, flavors, sweeteners or colors.
  • 200GM PACK

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