Kitu Hazelnut Super Creamer

Kitu Hazelnut Super Creamer


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Super Creamer with Protein and MCT Oil, Keto Approved, 0g Sugar, 3 g Protein, 50 Calories


Don’t let the subtle notes of sweet, wild Hazelnuts deceive you—as decadent as this looks, tastes and smells, our Hazelnut flavor is 100% sugar free. Behind the powerful flavor is 40g of lactose-free protein in every carton. That’s real power. Your home brewed coffee that was once weak, can now be made strong. Why dilute the flavor of your coffee when you can enhance it? Why water down your energy when you can increase it? Charge up your morning routine with positive energy.


Muhammad Ali would’ve drank Kitu Vanilla Super Creamer. It’s light like a butterfly. It’s rich and full of flavor without making you feel slow and bogged down. It [nutritionally] stings like a bee. In one serving, you get pumped with 5g of healthy fat (MCT Oil), 3g of protein and 0g of sugar. After adding Super Creamer to your favorite cup of coffee, you’ll win your own Thrilla in Vanilla.


Kitu Original Super Creamer is the creamer next door: It’s beautiful. The package itself stands out among the other items in your refrigerator. It’s dependable. Creamer is hands down the most satisfying, flavorful creamer on the market. It’s health conscious. With 0g of sugar, 5g of healthy fat (MCT Oil) and 3g of protein, Creamer is the perfect match for your bold cup of coffee. Original Super Creamer is the perfect soulmate to your cup of joe.

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