Leptin Fat Burning Coffee And Hot Chocolate

Leptin Fat Burning Coffee And Hot Chocolate


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Our Leptin Premium Hot Chocolate will be received as 280g of Choco powder, what you need to do is very simple! Just find the scoop hiding inside your pouch and grab 1 spoon (about 10g), mix it well with 8 fl. Oz (236ml) hot water.
Enjoy our extremely rich and healthy Hot Chocolate every morning or evening.

None GMO

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

✔️Contains Garcinia Cambogia- Great for appetite suppresing and fat loss

✔️Contains Panax Ginseng- Great for energy levels and boosts immunity

✔️Contains L-Carnitine- great for fat loss and builds muscles.

✔️Contains Coconut Milk powder a great source of MCTs

✔️Sweetened with Stevia

✔️Dairy free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free

✔️Awesome Meal Replacement. Just add hot water.

✔️Great for everybody,whether Keto or not!


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