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When we created our Keto BHB formula, we envisioned a supplement that provided more than the clean energy you receive from ketones. With the inclusion of Beet Root Crystals, our formula will also target nitric oxide levels in the body.

This powerful combination is why Care fast Keto BHB goes above and beyond when it comes to BHB supplements. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience with our formula:

Supports Weight Loss - with a low-carb diet, insulin levels are known to decrease in the body. This allows fat to be released by the tissue. Since ketosis is already burning fat, this can lead to rapid weight loss.

Increases Life Span - ketones are known to reduce oxidative stress and improve mitochondria cells, which will promote longevity and health.

Improves Brain Health - some studies show BHB reducing Amyloid, a molecule linked to several brain disorders. Combining that with reduced oxidative stress will do wonders for the brain.

Provides Clean Energy - as explained above, our bodies will turn to BHB as a source of energy when carbs or glucose aren’t present.

Increase Nitric Oxide Levels - it is known that beets are rich in nitrates, which are eventually converted into nitric oxide. This is an extremely important molecule that plays a role in allowing blood, nutrients, oxygen to be transported throughout the body efficiently.

If you’re searching for a Keto BHB supplement that makes you feel alive again, get this zero carbs awesome drink mix. Already presweetened with Stevie and Sucralose.


Add 1 scoop (8g) to 4-6ounces of water

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