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Our Chicken Seasoning is an aromatic blend of herbs and spices that can be used to bring out the hidden flavours of your favourite recipes. You can use our Chicken Seasoning to marinate chicken b..

Tropical Sun Fish Seasoning is a flavoursome combination of salt, celery, paprika, coriander, chilli, onion and garlic. Whether rubbed into fish, or added to a sauce or marinade, it will bring depth o..

Tropical Sun Ground Cinnamon



Cinnamon, the inner bark of an evergreen tree, is an age old spice that was once used as a perfume by wealthy Romans. Cinnamon bark is typically harvested in the rainy season. After it dries, it curls..

Tropical Sun's Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed which means that it has not been heat treated or refined. Cold pressing preserves the coconut oil’s natural goodness. At room temperature, it can be s..

TRS Cinnamon Powder 100 g



Discover Asia's Finest TRS Cinnamon has a sweet, woody fragrance and is often used to flavour lamb and chicken dishes. Used in sweet dishes such as cakes, biscuits and desserts or to flavour hot drink..

TRS Lemon Juice



TRS Lemon juice is an ideal products to add an extra bit of excitement to any dish. Be it a simple homemade nimbu paani (lemonade) TRS products have the perfect lemon flavour for your needs...

TRS Sesame Seeds



TRS SESAME SEEDS 100gmsComes in a sealed bag, to retain its freshnessPacked in Vegeterian atmosphere companyQuality Asian Herbs and SpicesUsed in many Cooking dishes..

TRS Sesame Seeds are loaded with a wealth of nutrition and taste. The rich, nutty flavor of Sesame Seeds is one of the most recognizable in the world, which is why you’ll find them incorporated into a..

Truvia Natural Sweetener



Natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated.Natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar...

Truvia Natural Sweetener- 20ct

N950.00 N1,200.00


Everything’s sweeter with Truvía® Natural Sweetener packets. Made from the sweetest part of the stevia leaf, it tastes wonderful and delivers a promise of zero-calories. Truvía® Natural Swee..

Truvia Natural Sweetener- 20ct

Typhoo's Pure Green Tea is a delicately fragrant blend that truly captures the essence of this ancient drink.FULL DESCRIPTIONThe origins of green tea date back over 3000 years and it is believed to co..

Clean hydration, done right!Great for replacing electrolytes lost during activityClean ingredients, zero calories, zero sugar, plant-based colors & flavorsVegan, gluten free, caffeine free, soy/da..

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