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No need to stress urself ever again tryng to make your own coconut swallow and then searching for psyllium husk.We already got your back with our premix Coconut/Flax combo.Loaded with essential fibre ..

A delicious plate of Eggplant Swallow plus yummy Egusi soup with your choice of chicken or Goat meat..

A delicious bowl of Eggplant swallow and vegetable soup with your choice of chicken or Goat meat..

Keto Oat fiber swallow- 500g



The best tasting keto swallow ever. A true game changer.Super low in carbs and caloriesDiabetes friendly, weight loss friendly..

Keto Oat fiber swallow- 500g

Namo Cabbage swallow



Namo Cabbage swallow..

Made from the fresh fruits of eggplant or garden egg (Solanum Melongena), sourced from eastern and northern parts of Nigeria and produced at our facilities. Clinically tested by our food nutritionists..

This is made from fresh tigernuts sourced from the rich soils of Nigeria. It is a gluten free, high fiber – low glycemic index food.Content is fine powder100% sugar and gluten freepackaged in 265g sac..

Have this delicious meal of Sea Food Okro Soup with your choice of Keto-Swallow at one flat low price. Servied with shrimps, Calamari, fish and other seafood orisirisi :)..

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