About Us

About Us

Ketonaija is all about bringing the Ketogenic Lifestyle to Nigerians.

The Company was set up majorly for three reasons:
  1. To Bring the Knowledge/Information of the healing Powers of the Ketogenic (Low Carbs, High Fat) Lifestyle to Nigerians.
  1. To provide Support and Guidance to People who would like to begin the 'ketogenic Lifestyle' but are clueless on how to start. 
  1. To make great quality 'Keto' Compliant products readily accessible to Nigerians.

The typical person in need of the Ketogenic lifestyle would have one or more of the following conditions,
Metabolic syndrome (Abdominal Obesity, Elevated Blood Pressure, Elevated Fasting Glucose, High Triglyceride’s and Low HDL Cholesterol)
These conditions and more can often be reversed through correct lifestyle choices.

We understand that it is very difficult to find experts who will help you implement this lifestyle correctly which is why our awesome team of Experienced Consultants are available to guide you on this journey.

We also know how difficult it is to find products/meals that comply with the guidelines of the lifestyle here in Nigeria and for this reason, we set up KETONAIJA.
On our website, you will be able to learn the science, implement the LIFESTYLE and get in touch with an experienced Coach,
You will also able to order you Keto Supplies easily and get them delivered to your doorstep.
As with any diet or lifestyle program, medical supervision is recommended. This Website or Its Owners is not intended to replace your medical doctor. 

Members who wish to participate in this program must still be monitored by their own physician.

Let's Keto on Naija!