REAL KETONES- Keto Starter Kit

REAL KETONES- Keto Starter Kit


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Ready, Set, Go Keto!

Everything you need to prepare your body for keto in just 7 days – the easiest and safest way to keto! The Keto Starter Kit includes a 7-day supply of our powerhouse D-BHB products – Keto Weight Loss Powder Sticks in Peach Caffeinated or Chocolate and our Keto Ignite Capsules. Additionally, you’ll get one Keto Energy Shot and 15 Keto Test Strips to prove you’re in ketosis. Combined with an app to guide you and one-on-one support from our coaches, we’ll help you get started on your weight loss goals.

Kickstart Ketosis

By simply taking the products & following the guide included in your kit, you'll begin to leverage your body’s ability to burn fat for fuel and lose weight through the power of ketones in just 7 days.

Clinically Proven Weight Loss

Our D-BHB Weight Loss formulas, when taken just twice a day for 8 weeks, have been clinically proven to improve weight loss by 106% compared to placebo group.

The Ultimate Proven Energy Source

Gone are the days of sugary drinks that leave you depleted and dealing with the inevitable crash. Ketones are the preferred energy source for your body. They contain 2.25x more energy than glucose, for a cleaner, longer-lasting fuel for your body. The power of our advanced D-BHB ketones help sustain your energy levels all day every day

Enhanced with Powerful D-BHB

Our enhanced formulation using D-BHB is TWICE as efficacious as a cheaper blend of DL-BHB used by other companies. D-BHB is the type of BHB that your liver naturally produces when it burns your own fat for fuel body (endogenously). Your brain and your body will love it. Just a single dose of D-BHB Weight Loss Travel Stick Packs provides over 10g of our enhanced D-BHB, which means fast, effective ketone energy for your weight loss.

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