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Keto-Pro Keto Electrolytes 80g | Electrolyte Powder Sachets for Extra Convenience | Supporting Your Keto Fasting, Health & Fitness Goals | Cherry Berry Flavour | 16 Pack


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FEEL THE POWER - Electrolytes are renowned for maintaining optimal hydration levels, increasing your focus & providing you with a boost of energy. Our Keto-Pro Electrolytes have an even higher concentration of electrolytes than others on the market complete with Astaxanthin. Known as the “The king of the carotenoids'', it’s considered nature’s most powerful antioxidant!

✔️ KEEPING YOU ELECTRIC - Our electrolyte powder supplement is suitable for athletes, gym goers or anyone looking to diet, fast or enter ketosis. It can help speed recovery, reduce stress, cramping, nausea, fatigue & is great at preventing dehydration in hot temperatures or during exercise. So enhance your physical & mental performance with our premium electrolyte powder today!

✔️ CLEAN BIO-AVAILABLE INGREDIENTS - At Keto-Pro we use only the cleanest bio-available ingredients. Each container holds 25 servings of high potency potassium (1000mg), magnesium tri-citrate (94mg), Sodium (1100mg), Vitamin C, Molybdenum, Selenium & Astaxanthin. We also make sure that our mix is naturally sweetened and free from caffeine, aspartame, maltodextrin, gluten & grain, while also remaining vegan friendly, with almost zero carb per serving & non-GMO.

✔️ STAY POSITIVELY CHARGED - Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals & compounds that help your body do much of its work. They allow you to maintain your maximal health levels helping to increase your energy, concentration & protecting against Cellular Oxidative Stress. Support your keto lifestyle, health or fitness goals with our Keto-Pro electrolytes!

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